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Marine training & radar testing simulators


RDTsim - Radar Demonstration & Testing simulator.

This product is a simplified marine radar simulator consisting of a PCI bus interface card and software to run on a standard PC computer. The simulation reproduces the signals of a radar scanner.  The interface is configurable to allow connection of the majority of modern marine radars. Simulated features include coastline, target ships, buoys, RACONs, SARTs and sea and rain clutter. 


Radar testing. The full range of input signals to a radar are reproduced to high accuracy.
ARPA testing. Ship tracks can be programmed. Target echoes can show fading and intermittent misses, and realistic position errors. 

NMEA TTM messages can be received and recorded for comparison with the correct figures.
Demonstration. The capabilities of a radar can be demonstrated. Complex situations with coastline, multiple target ships, sea clutter, rain clouds, Racon etc. can be constructed so as to demonstrate the majority of radar effects. 

The simulator can function as part of an integrated navigation system acting as either master or slave with serial communications between different devices.
Training. Rapid familiarisation with the capabilities of a new type of radar is possible. In most cases all radar controls function as normal.
AIS testing, demonstration and training for radars (or other marine equipment) with AIS message processing capability.
ECDIS with radar overlay. Test and demonstration. (Needs additional interface from the ECDIS manufacturer.).

IEC 62388 standards can be tested in the office / workshop.

This product will remain in production until December 2024.  (Recently extended due to demand).